A Healing Run

I’ve read articles that ask the question “why do you run?”. I guess in finding your motivation they are suggesting how you can get out the door even when you just don’t want to. For myself I don’t run for just one reason. Each day is different. I run for fresh air, to feel powerful afterwards (no ego there), for exercise and because I think better when I’m physically moving.

Today’s run was about healing and making things right in my head. I had made myself vulnerable (something I am just learning to do and not very good at it I might add) and its a scary thing to do. And here I need to fess up – I had also hurt someone I care deeply about. So I ran to feel the rhythm of my footsteps solid under me even though my mind was swirling and to let the emotion drain out from my pores with my sweat and laboured breath.

I think we all do our best thinking and healing when we are active. Maybe that is why running, gardening, cycling etc are so popular these days. We have so much stress to deal with and being disjointed from who we really want to be we just need to sort ourselves out from time to time. If you are wanting to learn about being vulnerable watch the TED talk by Brene Brown. Be prepared to laugh and cry.

Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability | Video on TED.com

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