Why sometimes its good to complain

Sometimes it really is good to complain. This is not to be confused with self indulgent whining which we all can admit to doing even if briefly. Complaining is different and can be necessary.

Here’s a case in point. Someone in my family, who I love dearly, recently had a 4 hour surgery for her lung. It’s serious stuff. She is immobile, hitched up to tubes draining fluid from her lungs and her breathing is laboured. She is worried too. A year ago, similar surgery resulted in a life and death fight with a superbug she contacted while in hospital.

Not long after her surgery the hospital staff move her to a co-ed shared room. Her roommate is an older man who is most certainly mobile as are all his male friends that are coming to visit. From the smell brought with them into the room, its obvious they are all smokers.  To top it off, the little curtain between their beds doesn’t block off her view of the roommate or his view of her. I should add she is a beauty…immobile..in a hospital gown that doesn’t promote modesty.

Her stress level is rising. Her blood pressure is too high and the surgeon has asked her to not get stressed. She asks to move rooms. Wouldn’t  you? Did I mention she can’t sleep as her room mate keeps the light on all night?

What do the hospital staff note on her chart? Not that she is under stress. No, they note that she is a ‘complainer’. They meant it as a negative descriptive and in this case that is SO wrong.

While complaining can be unwarranted, it also is a way of looking after yourself..and in the most positive way. Its a healthy sign of self-esteem to make sure your health, your boundaries, your rights etc are respected. So complain away. And thank yourself for it. Its a good thing.

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2 Responses to Why sometimes its good to complain

  1. Gwen Gnazdowsky says:

    Oh my Sherry, This is tragic… Hope all goes well by her.

    XO, Gwen

    Improve Your Life, One Conversation at a Time! Gwen Gnazdowsky http://www.oneconversation.com gwen@oneconversation.com 778-865-0670

  2. triphappy says:

    She is at home now recovering and doing well. It just pisses me off (sorry I just can’t be polite about it) that health care workers would not take the situation seriously and have an empathy AND label her as a complainer.
    I’ve seen it in business to in crazy situations where making a statement that goes against the ‘group think’ labels you a complainer. When everything tanks and you are proven right no one remembers you warned them:)

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