What does it take to do an Ironman

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This past weekend I had the privilege of watching super athletic types challenge themselves to the max in the Subaru Penticton Ironman. They hit the water in Okanagan Lake at 7am (the professional triathletes started 15 minutes earlier) for a 3.86km swim, then transitioned to their bikes for a gruelling (that’s how they described it folks!) 180 km ride, followed by a full marathon! Good grief!

So what does it take to participate in this madness..besides the hellish training and expenses? Endurance? YES! Determination? CHECK! Then add in courage, passion and self confidence. Yes, self confidence to know you can do it. It takes a healthy confidence  to get to the finish and to relax and enjoy the journey. A wise friend of mine told me this and I agree.

It also strikes me that these qualities are needed for life in general and would serve anyone well.

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5 Responses to What does it take to do an Ironman

  1. Kathy says:

    Totally agree. Too bad this was the last year, after so many.

  2. AthleteAgain says:

    Those Ironmen and (women) are amazing. The amount of determination and dedication they display throughout their 10+ months of training leading up to the race is impressive. I was just at the NYC Ironman finish to cheer on a friend. It was such a moving experience to see people come across the finish with tears in their eyes.

    • triphappy says:

      It is great that you were able to be there cheering for your friend. I can’t even imagine what they go through to train and then compete. Its got to be incredible when they cross the finish line. We were able to cheer the athletes during the marathon portion. It felt like the least we could do. I wish I had volunteered.

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