The Gedong Gandhi Ashram

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My first 2 nights in Candi Dasa were spent at the Aquaria, a lovely boutique hotel on the water. I am now at the Ashram for the next 9 days…5 of which are a yoga retreat led by an instructor from Melbourne. The ashram also has a yogi (his name is Kawi) and I took his class yesterday and it felt great. He included 15 minutes of pilates which my core desperately needed after the last 5 weeks of good food and beer.

The retreat doesn’t start until July 1 so I have some time to do whatever. This morning, Tracey (my bungalow mate for the next week) and I went snorkelling at Blue Lagoon. Amon, the owner of the outrigger that took us, threw bread in the water and fish came from miles around to eat it ..ok a bit of an exaggeration but a few minutes after I jumped in the water I had so many fish swimming around my head that one brushed my nose!

Sadly no snorkelling photos can be upload because while my Olympus will take photos the connection to download isn’t working. I have to wait and get them off the memory cards when I get home.

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4 Responses to The Gedong Gandhi Ashram

  1. Gwen says:

    Oh Sherry, someone ought to pay you for your pictures and stories. Oh, and pay for your trip!
    You have an amazing eye and talent. Plus I LOVE the look of your blog post with the slide show to the pictures. AMAZING Sherry. Happy retreat! Lots of Love to you! XO, Gwen

  2. Kathy says:

    I too am really enjoying your trip. Thanks for taking me along. Kathy

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