My Good Fortune

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As I arrived in Candi Dasa I wondered what it would be like to be here exploring on my own. But wait…not so fast Sherry. Within an hour of arriving, there I am walking down main street when I hear my name being called. Its Sean and Emily! I can’t believe my good fortune. We go for ice cream and Sean says..”maybe we’ll see Alice and Maren next. They are supposed to be in Candi Dasa this week.” And unbelievably in the next 5 minutes …there they were! Completely unplanned, we had all arrived in Candi Dasa within an hour of each other.

The next day we visited the water palace and then spent the afternoon at the ‘hidden’ white sand beach which is not that hidden because there are 6 or 7 little restaurants there but it is down a narrow windy road and there are no signs on how to get there. Then we all met up for dinner at ‘Le 48’ an amazing, funky, modern French restaurant. The food was remarkable. And you can’t beat Bali prices – 5 people- appies, main course, desert and drinks for the equivalent of about $90 Cdn.

Thanks for a wonderful day Sean and Emily and Alice and Maren! I am so grateful to know you and to have an extra day of hanging out with  you. It was great!!!

note: the white dog was playing in the surf biting the salty waves and running around tail wagging. She looked like she had just had pups. Mom’s first day out?

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3 Responses to My Good Fortune

  1. says:

    Oh that was so fun that you guys met up again. I would have loved to be there too.

  2. says:

    BTW it’s Charlotte if you haven’t guessed it.

  3. triphappy says:

    Hi Charlotte! I wish you were there too. It was so fun. I felt like I was hanging out with old friends (not age wise but how long I’ve known them:)

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