Two days Two Temples

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Last night, Rudi Oka, (whose mother founded the Gedong Ashram I am staying at) took some of us with him to the family compound where he went to pray at the family temple. Every Hindu household has a temple and so does each community hence there are a lot of temples!  Rudi graciously included us in the prayer ritual which was an honour we all appreciated.

Then this morning the same group; Rudi, Michelle, Tracey and I, left at 6am for a hike up the local mountain to see a community temple. It was guarded somewhat by many monkeys and a couple of small dogs who live off the food offerings brought daily by the devout. The way up the mountain was mainly stairs and fairly direct but we choose to come down a path through the terraces on the hillside. It was a bit sketchy and steep and Rudi confessed later he worried one of us might fall and get hurt. Happy to say we got down safely and had a big breakfast to recover from the workout.

Today is an important ceremonial day for the locals. It is the blessings of the motor bikes and vehicles. The Balinese are grateful for everything including their transportation. I have so much to learn!

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