A perfect day on Gili Air

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Actually we had 3 perfect days on Gili Air. We snorkelled the first day and I swam with a turtle! We had a dinner on the beach with the tide coming in and surf pounding as we ate. I had barbecued snapper which was delish! And a large Bintang – one of many Bintangs during my time here. The local red wine is atrocious and imported is by the bottle. I have yet to order and polish off a bottle. So I’ve been indulging in beer..a big bottle of Bintang costs between $23,000 and $30,000 rupiah (about $3).

The last day was the best. 4 of us girls (Hanna, Charlotte, Kris Tine and I) walked to Natural Spa for pedicures. Enroute we got a bit lost and had the good fortune of seeing what we thought were Komodo dragons! Okay they weren’t the dangerous Komodos..I guess that’s a good thing and the fact that chickens and children were nearby should have tipped us off. These were monitor lizards.

Anyway, after the excitement we had the most relaxing pedicures ever and then lunch at Scalliwags, an organic restaurant and bar on the beach (again that beach!). Then we beachcomber our way back to the Gili Air Hotel. I should tell you how peaceful and unique the Gili Islands are. There are no vehicles on them…only bicycles and horses pulling carts. There is lots of sand and friendly locals. You can walk the perimeter of Gili Air in under 2 hours although that is hearsay. I didn’t try it myself.

Our last evening on Gili Air was dinner and then a big bonfire on the beach with guitar playing and singing. Sigh…goodbye Gili Air. You were a treat.

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1 Response to A perfect day on Gili Air

  1. darlotte@hotmail.com says:

    YES!!! It was a perfect day. Thanks for the great company.

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