Goodbye my fellow GAdventurers!

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It couldn’t have worked better. 14 people and one amazing tour guide (the all knowing and all patient Panji Sidharta) travelled around Lombok together for 8 days and sadly it had to come to an end. Our last night together was in Sanur back on Bali. Lucky for me a few of the group stayed in Sanur another night and I was weaned back into single travel.

So the last day, Alice and Maren, Sean and Emily, and Sophie and I hired a driver with the first stop being Padang Padang beach (pronounced Padung Padung). This is the beach where Julia Roberts makes a fearless decision in favour of love and heads into the horizon of romance. We however just sweated quite a bit and kept an eye out for aggressive monkeys. Actually, the swimming and beach were great.

Then we went to see Puri Luhur Uluwatu, a beautiful temple on a cliff, and take in the Kecak and Fire Dance. And oh yes, more monkeys.

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