Gili Air an Island Paradise

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First I have a confession to make…we are already back from the Gili Islands and are currently at the Puri Dalem Hotel in Sanur on the island of Bali. Our Lombok tour with GAdventures is over and I am behind in my blogs. The wifi connection in Tetebatu, Sapit and the Gili Islands was spotty at best and my large photo files are also to blame.

Okay on to Gili Air. Gili in Indonesian means island and there are 3 Gili Islands off the Northwest coast of Lombok. First, I am grateful the bus we were in (with the whining fan belt that I am sure is about to blow) made it up and down the hills enroute to our boat to the islands.   When it heaved and started to slide backwards down the steep slope I was sure we were doomed. We really only slide about 2 feet but my heart was in my mouth the rest of the way. Then we arrived at the beach where we waded into the water, heaved our bags on a boat that boasted its own share of swaying from side to side with luggage heaped high and precariously. Thankfully Panji our tour guide extraordinaire was keeping a close eye on them. And then we were off to Gili Air, the closest of the islands.

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