My Top 8 Diet Secrets of all time! Part I

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Yes! Get your secrets here! Ok the title to this post is a bit of a joke. But it’s not far off from all those crazy, blaring magazine headlines you see when you are waiting in line at the grocery store. Headlines like “6 Foods that will melt fat” or “Lose those last 10 pounds in a week” or from this month’s Cosmo “Burn 200 calories in 3 minutes”. Good grief! It all makes you there some freakin epidemic going on?

And sorry to say the answer is yes. We have an obsession with our weight and yet our weight is going up. According to Stats Canada, obesity in our population is hovering around 25%. And sadly the number of overweight or obese adolescents has doubled since 1978.

I am lucky to have genetics on my side for staying slim but even I have struggled with an unhealthy relationship to food. When I was young, my mom (who has dieted most of her life) told me I would have to do the same. When adolescence hit and my hips gained shape the diet began. Monday to Friday I ate minimal calories but by the weekend  my starving body demanded food and I gave it what it wanted …and more. Then the guilt and shame would settle in. I felt I had no self control, no will power and my body was still hanging on to a good 10 pounds it didn’t need. Even worse I wasn’t enjoying food. I viewed it as the enemy out to destroy me! An invite to a restaurant meant a whole, obsessive strategy of what I could possibly eat from a temptation riddled menu. I hated it and I hated myself for it.

Eventually, I figured it all out and now I love food. Its a gift of nature and it has my gratiude and respect. Out of my diet journey,  I do have 8 ideas to share and if they help great. I pray they will. If not…well.. sometimes you have to try different things until something works its magic for you. Don’t give up!

For those 8 ideas check out my next blog post “Top 8 Diet Secrets! Part II”

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