My Top 8 Diet Secrets of all time Part II

If you are new to my blog,  check out “8 Diet Secrets Part I”.  In no particular order here are my ‘secrets’.

1. Your diet is what you eat everyday. It started when you were born and it will end when you die. It’s not 2 weeks or 2 months in duration. It’s everyday…for your whole life. Once you figure that out you can decide what you can live with. And how you want to live.

2. Food is your friend. Food is fuel and you are designed to need this fuel. So recognize its value and respect what it can do for you. That goes for your appetite too. Its job is to make sure you are always fuelled up and ready to go. It’s like the gas gage in your car. Be thankful that you have both an appetite and good food.

3. Eat when you are hungry. This one is SO important. It’s how I stopped struggling with diet. If you starve yourself on a diet you are putting your body into a life saving mode of conserving calories. And your body is really good at what it does. It  will slow down your metabolism to a snail’s pace to make sure you can live through lean times. The best way to boost your metabolism? EAT!

4. Aim for 7 to 8 servings of fruit and vegetables everyday. Kind of self-explanatory but this does a few things. It gives you the best nutrients, keeps you full on fewer calories and putting more veggies on your plate means there is less room to eat junk. I lost 5 pounds one winter just by eating more veggies.

5. Eat some protein at every meal. Protein satisfies hunger like nobodies business.

6. Get outside. Okay this isn’t anything to do with food but its helps get your body moving and it contributes to good mental health.

7. Exercise for health not appearance. Looking great is a side benefit of working out. But it can also be demotivating if  you are exercising to be beautiful and the results you get are not what you expect. Instead focus on what is really important – all the benefits you get on the inside.

8. Be ‘au naturel’ when putting stuff in your body. Forget low fat, zero fat crap. Yes, its crap. If you want your body to be your friend you can’t give it chemicals, tons of sugar and bad fats. Eat crap, be crap. Eat well, be well.

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