What’s not to love?

While this trip has been amazing there have been a few challenges I need to tell you about  lest you think its a wonderland.  A few items comes to mind for me. One is the price of everything. A small scoop of ice cream – $3.80,  chinese food at the food fair in the mail – $11,  fish and chips – $18 , a day trip to the Outer Barrier Reef – $200! Steve Irwin Zoo including bus – $120. I have spent $500 in excursions…yikes I am unemployed! What am I thinking?

The second irritating thing is the bug bites I managed to accumulate in Port Douglas. I look somewhat diseased right now with bumps and red dots on my arms and legs. Here’s something to appreciate about mosquitos in Canada – they buzz so you have warning and can swat them before they bite. Here  they are silent and before you even know they are in the area you have been attacked! Then there are these little mites that leave red dots that itch. Nice!

Lastly its hard to find healthy food options. White bread is the standard here and you would be hard pressed to find a bakery with multigrain. Chips come with everything even lasagna!

Still these are just little bumps on the road. Its been fab trip and  I am truly grateful for it.

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