The Unexpected

Our last day in Cairns on Saturday was a free day. No excursions booked and no plans for the day except our evening flight back to Sydney. So we walked and shopped and then I told Lauren (my niece) about a cool church I saw the night before. This church had beautiful lights shining from it and a sign outside boasted “largest themed stained glass windows in the world”. That’s a claim and half! So we went to check them out.

The theme of the windows is creation as told in Genesis and the stained glass is done not only in a modern style but incorporating local flora and fauna (even wallabies, kangaroos and a Cassowary are in the scenes). My photos don’t do the windows justice. They are staggeringly beautiful and we didn’t want to leave. So if you are ever in Cairns…take an hour or two and visit St Monica’s. You won’t regret it.

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