A day at Bondi Beach

Some friends you don’t see often but they are friends forever. That is my friend Linda. We worked together in the early nineties but she has lived here in Sydney for 17 years so the visits have been few and far between. Yesterday was a real treasure. We spent the day with Linda getting caught up and soaking up the breath taking scenery of Bondi Beach (pronounced Bondeye not Bondee). I mean breathtaking. How many times in one day can you say “wow”..and “this is amazing” before you start to feel your vocabulary is totally inadequate for the situation.

I am just figuring out word press so forgive me if the pics I post are too small or GIANT! Over time I will get it right. Here’s a few from our day at Bondi Beach.

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5 Responses to A day at Bondi Beach

  1. Ted Katrensky says:

    Already leaving priceless images and memories.
    You go girl!!!!


  2. gwengnazdowsky says:

    Rich colors! Rich friendships!

  3. David Moulton says:

    The waters may be blue but you certainly are not.

  4. andrea says:

    well, great to hear that you are having a sunny fabulous time. I am jealous already!

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