A Short Hike on Dog Mountain

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Vancouver is full of outdoorsy types and for good reason. The ocean, the mountains and everything in between makes getting outside a piece of cake. And you don’t have to go far or be a super athlete. There are hikes on the local hills that everyone can tackle and one of those is the 2 hour hike to Dog Mountain.

The trail has enough ups and downs to get the heart pounding a few times. And yes, there are rocks and wieldy roots from giant trees that you have to scramble over from time to time so you feel like you are doing a genuine hike. But its still only 2 hours and it comes with the prerequisite of any good hike – a spectacular view at the top!

It was a perfect day with blue, sunny skies, lots of smiles from friendly hikers with their dogs, and a good friend along to share the trail and spice it up with conversation. Oh..and a stop at the new MEC store on the way home to check out the coming winter’s new outdoor gear. A perfect Vancouver day.

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