Keep it simple and keep it fresh!

Sometimes life is complicated. Okay much of the time its complicated. So we look for easy solutions and quick fixes. This is great for me…who can solve those little dilemmas and make it all better. But is it really?

Take for example, our new found love of fresh scents and absence of any odors that hint we actually live in our houses. There are a TON of products on the market to aid us in this love. But do we really need them and are they good for us?

I recently read the book “Habits” by Charles Duhigg where he tells the story of how the makers of Febreez created a craving for this product. In a nutshell, the people who might need Febreez – for example, people who own 7 cats or smoke 2 packs a day- couldn’t smell their problem so the product wasn’t selling. After much research the Febreez marketers discovered that housewives spray the product after they clean their house as a kind of reward – once the scent is in the air they feel like their job is done and the smell is tangible evidence of that. Hence the need was discovered, the marketers pounced on it and through their magical advertising, drummed up real cravings for their product. Smart!

But a chemical sprayed in the air you breath and on the fabrics that you lay your head or that touch any part of your skin may just be bad for you. What? Could that be? Check out this article on the Well Daily on how Febreez works and some super easy, natural (and cheaper) substitutes.

What could be more important to our health than the air we breath. Lets keep it simple and keep it fresh.

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1 Response to Keep it simple and keep it fresh!

  1. Lilly Sue says:

    Ya, I am not a fan of all those extra unnecessary chemicals!

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