Lets drive to Toronto II

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This was the title of a previous post that talked about the large distances between cities in Australia similar to Canada. But as tourists we of course have no clue. So today on the way to the fabulous Hunter Valley, home of tons of wineries, restaurants and beautiful scenery, we passed a highway sign…that directs you to Sydney or Toronto. Huh.

I have to brag that every winery we went to they asked ‘where are you from’?. When I said Vancouver, Canada I got a resounding happy response. “I love Vancouver” one sales person gushed! And that was pretty much the sentiment. The friendly people and the beauty of Canada was praised time and again. One girl said that it reminded her of home (Australia) and I couldn’t agree more. The two countries definitely have that in common.

Alas the wines I tasted and really liked are not exported to Canada. The fellow at Lindemans cheekily said they only send their crap wines here. Come to think of it I never buy Lindemans and maybe that’s why.

The photos include a few shots from the Blue Mountains yesterday which you just have to see. The wilderness is vast and beautiful. I have no photos from the Pearl Fishers Opera at the Sydney Opera House last night. It was fun and I would suggest it for any first time opera goers as its easy to follow. As I was leaving, the man behind me described it to his wife as ‘2nd Empire froth’ and I would say that is true. BTW no one in Canada would refer to anything as ‘froth’ or ‘2nd Empire’ but Australia is clearly quite British.

Also in the photos is something you would never see at wineries in Canada: kangaroos playing and resting in between the rows of vines.

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