Selamat Tinggal Bali

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In a few hours I will be on board Virgin Australia to Sydney. I will be welcomed by early morning (overnight flight), cooler temperatures and my good friend Linda.

Its not so bad saying goodbye to Bali because I believe I will be back. There is just so much more to explore here. While I won’t miss sleeping under a mosquito net, lathering my self in sunscreen and then spraying on insect repellant, these are just minor nuisances. I will miss the fresh food, the easy smiles and laughter of the Balinese and the warm breezes.

The photos are from today. I just couldn’t resist one more water lily shot.

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One Response to Selamat Tinggal Bali

  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Never been to Bali, but it seems like I’m going to include this on my list.

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