Thoughts from Ubud

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The last few day of my Bali sojourn have been spent in the arts mecca of Ubud. Its a crazy busy place with tourists who flock here to buy the original art, silver, clothing designs, weaving etc.

Happily, two terrific fellow yogis from the ashram, Michelle and Andrea, were also here and we had a fantastic time shopping, going to restaurants and even taking a cooking class!

The photos are just from around and about Ubud. Its getting larger everyday with new villas and bungalows being built for the growing tourism trade but its still surrounded by rice paddies that are easily accessed. I can see them just out my hotel window! I walked out through the fields earlier today to have a mint lemonade and jaffel at the Sari Organic restaurant which is smack dab in the midst of rice paddies.

Tomorrow its time to pack (please God let my suitcase fit everything) and catch a flight to Sydney.

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2 Responses to Thoughts from Ubud

  1. gwengnazdowsky says:

    Sherry, I love all your photos. You have collected many precious people, experiences and memories. Can’t wait to see you… Buy more suitcases, just in case! XO, Gwen

  2. triphappy says:

    I”ve already bought another bag and it will be crowded! See you soon!

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