1000 Years

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How do you celebrate 1000 years? With everyone of course! The temple across from the lagoon by the ashram reached that milestone last week and it seemed everyone in Candi Dasa came out for the ceremonies. Even during my early morning run around the lagoon it was getting crowded with families setting up their breakfast and food vendors grilling satays. By 10am there was a colourful procession that circled the lagoon before heading across the street to the temple.

The event was completely colourful and a photographer’s dream to shoot. I always feel a bit of an intruder but the Balinese made me feel at home. A group of 5 women were having their photo taken and when I stopped to admire them and not get in the way, they asked me to be in their picture! Then I had the young fellow taking their photo to use my camera and he went paparazzi on me. It was pretty fun and we all couldn’t stop laughing!

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2 Responses to 1000 Years

  1. Linda says:

    I love the photo of you with the girls laughing, priceless.

  2. triphappy says:

    Thanks Linda. They were so sweet and kind. I was really lucky to connect with them.

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