Eat Pray Love Part III

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There is no doubt about it…the love part of this title is the lovely people and the love that was present at the Gedong Ashram and our Bali yoga retreat. It was hard to say good bye.

For our final evening, the ashram members put on a show for us in full Balinese costume! Then the guitars came out and the singing began. Suzanne, thank you for letting us hear your talents on the piano and melodica! That was a treat. Thank you Rudi, Deena, Cynthia, Annie, Eka, Sati, Wenton, Kawi and absolutely everyone at the Ashram!

Photo notes: The scruffy faced, resident dog of the Ashram is Chalkie. He likes to bite your ankles when you walk by. Also, the sunrise is over the lagoon next to the ashram. A small group of us would get up at 5:45 am and go for a run around it ..just because.

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