Eat Pray Love Part I

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When I decided to stay at the Gedong Ashram I was a little worried about what my diet would be during my stay. The ashram serves vegetarian with a bit of fish now and again and I am a confirmed meat eater.

Well as with most things one worries about…it was all for naught. The food is fantastic! The cooks here are so talented and they make these amazing dishes with one wood burning stove and one gas stove that has only 2 burners. And the food is so fresh…bought at the market each morning or its grown here right at the ashram. One night we had bananas, my favourite fruit for desert. They were picked right before dinner and they were the best I’ve ever tasted. I’m a banana addict so Yes! I ate 2 of them!

Some of the Balinese dishes I’ve come to love – black rice pudding with coconut milk, mie goreng (noodles, veggies and sometimes chicken or seafood), vegetable fritters, crepes made with rice flour and filled with palm sugar, water spinach, and samba tomat which is kind of like salsa and can be made as spicy as you like.

Regarding the photo of the fellow high up in the tree: He is cutting branches and leaves for the two resident cows to eat. Their food is also harvested daily.

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