Where you from?

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Oh..if I had a nickel or 500 rupiah for every time I was asked this in the last few weeks. Its the line that sellers on the beach use to ply their goods and its also the line that local men use right after they say “you travelling alone?”.

The constant push to buy is wearisome. A polite ‘no thank you’ doesn’t always work. The constant ‘you travelling alone’ got easier when I started to say “yes, my husband is working”.  Then I got a wide eyed or sad look as they got a mental picture that I am out travelling  and spending money while my poor husband works to pay for it. Next time I will Sean and Emily’s suggestion..that I say my husband is the Prime Minister and he is just too busy to travel with me.

The pics are from the hotels I stayed at in Lovina…the Aditya Beach Resort and the Puri Bagus. The Aditya was like a Coast Hotel. It needed a bit of work but the staff were so friendly and they made you feel at home right away. The Puri Bagus was more expensive and beautiful and was more the feel of a Fairmont Hotel. The staff are polite and helpful but their warmth is somewhat formal and tempered.

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