Where the hell is Hati Suci?

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This very basic, home stay accommodation was in the tiny remote village of Sapit. It was a rocky, lurching bus ride to the mountain side location but worth every moment. The photo of the road in the slideshow is the ‘highway’ before the less travelled route to Sapit.

What do I remember about Sapit…..waking up at 4:45am to a obnoxiously loud call to prayer from the nearest mosque followed by the 5am call to prayer from the mosque further away and yes…5:15 call to prayer from another mosque! Finally, I gave up, pulled pants and jacket over my pyjamas and padded down the quiet village street to take in the sunrise which I was told was beautiful. And it was.  There were already villagers up and about for the day and they eagerly checked the photos I was taking  and tried to teach me to say beautiful in Sasak..at least that is what I think they were saying.

After breakfast Tasi the owner of Hati Suci took us on a walk through the village to see local life. Starbucks lovers beware..we watched them concoct their version of coffee where they roast it with rice and some slivers of coconut to make it last longer. Its not bad actually but definitely won’t give you the caffeine jolt.

A word about Tasi…he is the most hospitable person I have met and I worked in the hotel industry for many years. He played host, tour guide, maniac ping pong player, entertainment officer and before we left he gave us all friendship bracelets. Thanks Tasi! You’re the best!

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3 Responses to Where the hell is Hati Suci?

  1. Tracy says:

    I am thinking that perhaps you should have travelled here with your niece instead to Australia!!

  2. Linda says:

    Talking about off the beaten path! How did you find these places?

  3. triphappy says:

    I was on a tour with GAdventures. It was a great group and our CEO (Chief Experience Officer) Panji took us around to these remote places.

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