Local weaving of the Sasak people

We had enough time for an impromptu stop in a tiny village to visit the local weavers and the co-operative where their beautiful fabrics are sold. The purple/blue fabric the fellow is holding in the co-op is the one I eventually purchased for $500,00 rupiah or about $50 Cdn. The weaver (always a woman) would have taken 6 to 8 weeks to produce it from the dying of the threads, setting the pattern and then weaving. All the dyes are from local plants including the indigo.

The weavers let us watch them and ask questions and they were so kind and friendly….a trademark of the people of Lombok.

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1 Response to Local weaving of the Sasak people

  1. Tracy says:

    Can you go back and pick me up the purple one on the lower left of your photo????

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