I’m now in Bali but Australier – that’s how they pronounce it..really. is still on my mind. The people were so very friendly and the landscape and cities were interesting, safe and had lots to offer.

We met some wonderful folks along our journey that really enhanced our travels. Like Mindi from Arizona who despite not knowing any friends or family that have travelled afar decided to go to the other side of the world. You are brave Mindi and are an inspiration! Or Pam from Washington DC who is in the same position as I am ..a break from the corporate life has given her the opportunity to see the world and she took it. Go Pam go! As she was telling me her story I thought I was hearing myself speak! I’m so glad we are now friends. And then Schephan and Christine and Bernt from Germany who we became friends with on our wild Ocean rafting ride in the Whitsundays and who stayed at the same dreary hostel in Arlie Beach. I still feel bad that the boat driver drenched you Bernt because you laughed at my dripping face:) Thanks guys for a great evening of giant Janga and jugs of beer.

A big thank you to the optometrist in Cairns and the nice people at Cairns Base Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital who looked after my pesky iritus. You apologized for the wait times and told me how much you love Canada. I appreciate how you made a bit of a scare so much better.

And a shout out to Debbie Scott and Linda Slade..both dear friends who toured us around Brisbane and Sydney. How very fun to see those two cities with friends. It made my day(s).

And Huge thank you to Lauren my niece who travelled with me. We laughed, we argued, we drank beer. It was awesome!!!!!

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  1. Sachi Joy Scharf says:

    Hi! LOVE this blog! Looks like you are having a great time and wow, what an experience so far! You certainly made the right choice to travel. We look forward to your postings and sharing your experience. Take good care, rest, relax and rejuvenate! 🙂
    Sachi Joy Scharf

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