GBR wow!

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I am not sure I have the words to explain the wonder and joy I experienced today snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef. Its magnificent. Its huge. And its AWESOME!

I saw tons of cute Nemos (clown fish),  angel fish, blue fish, parrotfish, anemone, giant clams, coral of many colours and sharks! The ones around the reef are vegetarian and not too big but it was a weird feeling to see one swim 10 feet below you.

We snorkelled in 3 places off Port Douglas on the Agincourt shelf. In the 3rd spot the other side of the reef was the continental shelf and you could see where it starts because big waves are hitting the reef. Where we snorkelled it was a few hundred metres deep but  where it drops off at the shelf it suddenly is about 1700 metres deep!

Tomorrow I hope to post a few photos.  Right now my fabulous, indestructible Olympus camera is drying out. Please God let it work. I know there are some pics to die for on that memory card.   Note: camera came through!

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