World Class Beach sans sand

Off Arlie Beach, are the WhitSunday Islands and the famous Whithaven Beach. Its famous on 2 counts: its stunning beauty and that it is made of 99.9% pure silica… so powdery white that its visually stunning. The Hubble telescope used 8 truckloads of this very silica because of its purity. Whithaven beach is rated #3 beach in the world.

The tide was out and caught in the sand bar lakes were some sting rays. Some of the other  people on the trip waded into the water for a closer look and to take close up shots. I just couldn’t do it. The little crabs in the photos are blue Soldier crabs that come out of the sand if you stand still.

Also caught on the sand were a couple of boats hired by amateur sailors who ran them aground and were now spending a few weeks waiting for high tide. Wouldn’t that make you feel silly but as our tour guide pointed out its better that hitting the rocks.

The photos on this post are just okay because it was an overcast windy day. I was bracing myself in the wind trying to take them. To really see the beauty of this place I suggest a visit to the wizard Google  and look up Whithaven beach.

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