Beware the salties!

I”m not talking crackers here. Salties are salt water crocs that cruise the waters here in Queensland. They swim up fresh water streams too ..moving silently through the water without a ripple! Creepy!

Also beware the toothgenie. I pestered my niece last night to make sure to brush her teeth before bed. What would possess me? The fact that she was snacking in bed in her pj’s and I didn’t trust her to go outside down the walk to the communal washroom? Was it the 1/2 bottle (okay 3/4 bottle) of Penfolds I consumed that made me act like her mother? In the end, the tooth genie (not the kind fairy but the wise and sneaky genie) made my toothpaste and brush disappear resulting in my asking at reception if it had been turned in lost of found. Really Sherry? Yes I thought perhaps I left it in the communal washroom where possibly some foreign fellow traveller trashed it or turned it in. But in the end I found them safely in their ziplock bag hidden just under my bed just where the tooth genie hid them. Sigh…..

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