Let’s drive to Toronto

So here is the thing about travelling in Australia…its a frickin’ huge country! I knew that but somehow it still didn’t really register.

We arrived in Sydney and took the train to Brisbane. It was an overnight 15 hour sore butt achy back lousy food train ride in the dark. We had bought rail passes to be economical but there is a price to pay in time and body ailments. So we are breaking up the 31 hour train ride from Brisbane to Cairns by flying to Prosepine. That leaves us a few days to explore the WhitSundays and then its back on the train for 12 hours to Cairns. Ahhh…..not so bad.

Must run. Today is zoo day and I hope to hold a Koala.

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2 Responses to Let’s drive to Toronto

  1. gwengnazdowsky says:

    kiss a koala for me… and don’t get sucker kicked by a kangaroo!

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