Hello fellow trippers!

Quite happily, I find myself with time to travel and explore. The travel? Near and far starting with the far as in Australia and Indonesia. Near is out my back door to Stanley Park, the ever lovely interesting West End of Vancouver, the North Shore Mountains and beyond.

My explorations will be outward in my travels and experiences with some photos to keep it interesting and in reverence to visual learners (aren’t we all?). My explorations will also be inward as I deepen my passions and discover my next career adventure. A few quotes, some cartoons and quips. ..who knows what will show up here. But  I am hoping this blog will be better than my online dating profile (Don’t look for it. You won’t find it).  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Hello fellow trippers!

  1. gwengnazdowsky says:

    Happy Trails Pretty Lady with a BIG Heart, Camera & Zest for Life! Looking forward to your posts of inward & outward journeys Sherry. All the best… ENJOY! Love You! Gwen

  2. Joey says:

    Incredible! Good to see you made it safe

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